100% Greek Raw Honey

This is the form of raw honey that’s closest to the way the bees make it. Raw honey is extracted by spinning the honeycomb in a centrifuge. When taken directly from the hive, the honey is still warm and flows easily. When I kept bees, I used an old-fashioned honey extractor that required hand cranking. It was a lot of work, but the results were well worth the effort.

Raw honey is amber colored and has traces of pollen and wax. By consuming local raw honey, you get a homeopathic dose of pollens from your area that helps immunize against allergies.

Certified organic raw, unfiltered honey is the form I recommend for health.

What Makes Greek Honey Magic?

The antibacterial action of raw honey is thought to be from hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). A powerful antimicrobial, H2O2 can kill nearly all germs, as well as some cancer cells, on contact. When honey comes in contact with a wound, an enzyme called glucose oxidase—a gift from the bees—activates the release of H2O2. There are likely undiscovered interactions that occur when honey is used to treat wounds, but from what we know, medicinal honey can even kill antibiotic-resistant bacteria like MRSA.

Honey is hydroscopic. It pulls water away from an infected wound by osmosis. Dryer wounds heal faster. But there’s more to it: honey also pulls lymph fluid to the wound, making for a balanced healing environment.

What Makes Greek Honey Magic?

It also has a low pH of between 3 and 4, making it acidic. Bacteria thrive in neutral or slightly alkaline environments. I know this may be contrary to the pro-alkaline theory, but scientifically true and clinically proven understanding trumps trendy ideas. If you have a non-healing wound, try honey. It’s a “good” acid.

In addition, honey contains phytochemicals important for health. Carotenoids, phytosterols, phenolics, peptides, and other plant chemicals are found in honey. All of these are important for human health and many have healing properties. Many also signal the body’s immune cells to release active immune regulating substances called cytokines. Certain cytokines have anti-inflammatory activity.

Some wild honeys have been tested for anti-tumor activity. Honey can also induce detoxification enzymes that protect against cancer and cardiovascular disease. Many honey phytochemicals exert a synergistic antioxidant effect.

Sort of Greek Raw Honey:

Fir honey

Fir Honey comes from the Secretions of Aphids and Scale insects that infest the fir trees. It is rich in minerals potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron too. Pine honey has low content of sugar so does not crystallized. The flavor is slightly spicy and reminiscent of toffee, for those who want a honey that is not too sweet.

Forest honey

Honeydew honey is a sugary liquid secreted by insects such as aphids while sucking the plant sap. This sugary liquid is collected by honeybees and converted in to strong dark colored honeydew honey.  It is also known as Pine honey, Fir honey or Forest honey. Few varieties are named after the plant source from which the bees collect the honeydew . Composition, properties and benefits of honeydew honey are different compared to honey derived from nectar of flowers.

Honeycomb with honey

Exquisite Edible Architecture!

Part of our online only range. I am raw and succulent and cut straight from the hive. Nothing has been added and I am natural as they come. Chew me and taste the rich flavour I contain. Experience a mouth watering explosion of sweet raw natural goodness. I am Edible Architecture from natures most beautiful wonder. Raw and Natural, not heated or treated, as nature intended.

Flower Honey  

The flower honey is produced in Aridaia of Pella from the nectar of flowers. It has a lot of natural occurring sugars that are essential for the human organism. It’s pretty sweet and can even be used as a substitute for sugar in drinks and sweets. Production period: From May to July.

Oak honey

A Strong & Woody Woodland Honey. Delicious stirred into sesame oil, soy sauce and chilli for a fiery dip!

I am produced by happy bees feeding on pesticide free Oak Tree honeydew. I am bold, strong flavoured honey of warm, woody intensity. I am famous all over Greece for my dark, indulgent flavour and warm, rounded tones. My unique taste will leave your taste buds in awe. I am believed to be a healthful and beneficial honey that gives many health boosting properties, including aiding digestion and boosting the immune system. My warm woody tones and rich flavour can liven up a salad dressing or be added to homemade dips and marinades. Great with meat and fowl. I vary in colour and flavour depending on the season. I am raw,natural, not flavoured and never heated. I am said to be,
High in atioxidants
Aids digestion
Boost Immune System

Heather honey

A Fragrant & Intense Meadow Honey. Wonderful on warm creamy porridge oats!

I am produced by happy bees feeding on pesticide free Heather blossom. I am a strong, robust honey with a pungent aroma of dried fruit and caramel. I am gathered from wild growing, hardy heather plants in the rocky valleys of northern Greece. The ancients believed that I could aid bronchial and digestive complaints and I am reputed to have a great effect on the immune system. My strong flavour and pungent aroma works very well with lovely piece of buttered toast, warm bowl of porridge or as a unique twist to cakes and pastries. I vary in colour and flavour depending on the season. I am raw,natural, not flavoured and never heated. As nature Intended. I am said to be,
Vitamin B12
Diuretic and disinfectant of the urinary system
Helps heals wounds.

Chestnut honey

A Strong & Bitter sweet Woodland Honey. Super in salad dressings!

I am produced by happy bees feeding on pesticide free Chestnut Blossom. I am a magnificent, strong, aromatic honey with a subtle herbal aroma. I am celebrated all over Europe and am renowned for my unique, slightly bitter after taste. For centuries I have been reputed to be very good for the digestion and the immune system and have been used in many traditional remedies. I am not a very sweet honey and my subtle herbal aroma and slightly bitter after taste is a fantastic addition to cheeses. I vary in colour and flavour depending on the season. I am raw,natural, not flavoured and never heated. As nature intended. I am said to be,
High in antioxidants
Good for digestion
High in minerals
Treatment for acne
Treatment for difficult coughs

Honey with Honeycomb  

Greek honey with honeycomb of our production. Enjoy, the whole piece of honeycomb, straight through the cell without any treatment just as built by the bees, filled with rich aromatic honey. A wonderful and tasty delectable combination of therapeutic properties of pure honey with those of natural beeswax. Chewing it, honey leaves the mouth and simultaneously enjoy wax and honey with all therapeutic and nutritional properties of the honeycomb. A 100% natural product with beneficial properties for the stomach and the body

Honey pine  

Honey pine is one of the best qualities of honey produced in skioni from the resin of pine trees. Pine honey is rich in proteins, amino acids and trace minerals.
Not particularly sweet (sugar concentration is low) and has fewer calories. This honey hardly crystallizes. Production period: from August to October

Orange honey

A Mild & Sweet Citrus Grove Honey.  Scrumptious spread on a slice of crusty toast with farmhouse butter!

I am produced by happy bees feeding on pesticide free Citrus blossom. I am a beautiful smooth honey with a mild floral flavour and sweet fresh taste. I come from wild citrus groves that decorate the pristine countryside of Greece. I am believed to have an effect on the immune system, soothe a sore throat and help aid digestion. My sweet delicate flavour is great as an overall sweetener, especially wonderful with warm buttered toast or with a slice of lemon in a warm winter drink. I vary in colour and flavour depending on the season. I am raw,natural, not flavoured and never heated. As nature intended. I am said to be,
A light sedative
Antispasmodic (Suppresses muscle spasms)
Vitamin C

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