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Alcodi is an integrated provider of personalized search engine marketing services that works hard, aiming to attract new visitors to your website, resulting in increased sales.
We extend our services to several successful brands and employ a large number of excellent promotion consultants.

Search engine marketing services are specifically designed at Alcodi fully understanding the needs and goals of your business. We understand how important it is for you to achieve higher sales and that is why we work with perseverance to exceed your expectations.
Our team of professionals provides you with excellent personalized services from start to finish on a consistent basis.

We offer ideal solutions in search engine marketing.

With us, you can be sure of fully specialized search engine marketing services, which focus primarily on:

Search Engine Optimization :

Identify strategically defined keywords that will attract quality traffic to your site. Take steps that will improve the visibility of your website and link the content of your website to search engine algorithms.

Social Media Optimization :

Search Engine Optimization is an important tool that feeds traffic to a web page. The problem with this technique is that it takes time to deliver results. In the meantime, wait for the move. So there is a solution to increase the traffic of your website faster and it is called Social Media Optimization with Web 2.0

Manage ad by pay-per-click:

Strategic design of keywords and price to ensure the best chances of growth with pay-per-click advertising.

Manage paid posting:

Ensure users’ attention to your most important information within the search engine database to better promote-view your website.

Search analysis:

Ensure maximum chances for your pages to appear when network users search for the products and services you provide, with our successful feed management techniques.

Website design and development consulting:

Analyze search results with effective measures, and then apply methods to increase promotion and outreach efforts with the ultimate goal of ensuring exceptional returns on your investment. Alcodi provides search engine marketing services with state-of-the-art processes and technology, giving its customers a strong advantage over their competitors. Increase recognition and boost your brand image by increasing your sales with Alcodi’s dedicated search engine marketing services

Contact us today for information about our unique quality services.

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