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The website…

… is nothing but an enriched document (document with text, images, videos, links, etc.).

One of these can contain “multiple pages”, i.e. a book.

But in order to browse its “pages”, there are links which when we press them, we move from one page to another.

And all this in one place, called domain, which is the address of the website on the internet.

If we type it, then we just visit it.

It is made for a purpose: to display content such as articles, images, videos, products, etc.

For example, a company manufactures watches. She’s building a website where she puts all her products inside.

He promotes it and people come to it to see them (and probably buy them if he has done it in the form of an eshop).

It serves a specific purpose and we can say that there are many categories of such, which serve the purpose of each owner (to have in it articles that people will see, to present a person, to display some products, to entertain the world, etc.).

Some such types, are blog, eshop, portal, etc.

In English it’s called a website that’s exactly the same thing.

The creation of a new web site requires the analysis of the objectives of the business. There are many interesting suggestions for viewing, navigating and presenting.
All this must be combined with fast speeds, functionality, and uniformity in browsers.
An Alcodi producer will work with your company to understand the goals of the web site.
We will then examine it carefully and send you a specific offer.

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