Online stores, quite simply, are websites from which one can buy products, material goods or services without visiting any physical space. Lately we have noticed that they are increasing at a rate of geometric progress. This is mainly due to the best prices that can be found, the easy and comfortable way of searching and the increasing penetration of the internet into everyday life.

Today there are many categories of online stores with the most important stores selling physical goods, service websites, offer pages, product price comparison pages, bid collection pages and shopping networks.

The most important advantages of an online store over a physical sales space, from the entrepreneur’s point of view, we estimate are the following:

  • It is open 24/7
  • Minimal physical space is needed
  • Requires a little but skilled staff
  • Refreshed in no time
  • Offers and promotional programs communicate rapidly

How to create an Online Store

Eshop, the design and development of an e-shop is done according to your requirements and the type of business you do. We are at your disposal to do your own study and the corresponding business plan.
We place particular emphasis on appearance and design, ease of navigation to the user (usability) and efficiency in order to increase the profit of your business.

1. Conception and formulation of a business idea

2. Creation of a business plan

3. Select an IT application and partner to create applications that are appropriate to the vision of the business idea

4. Start-up

Some of the functions are:

The management system (WordPress) provided is unique to your business and fully tailored to your needs.

– Ability to add, convert, delete an unlimited number of categories, subcategories, products.
– Quick Product Search
– Unlimited number of photos and text size for each product.
– “Relevant Products” system for product promotion.
– Offer system, Best offers, New products, Top offers etc.
– Order tracking, customer-by-customer statistics, order analysis.
– Inform customers/administrators by email
– Online payment system via bank.
– On-line payment system via PayPal.

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