Alcodi has unique know-how and leverages modern programming technologies and languages by undertaking the development of personalized software packages that meet the information needs of its customers.

Our Methodology

Before we start developing the software a specialized partner contacting you to record your needs and comments about the software that will be implemented. The process involves meetings and interviews with everyone who will use the software. Your needs, problems, comments are recorded.

Our deployment process is done incrementally in steps. This means that each time we implement some of the overall functionality of the software. At the end of each step the customer has the opportunity to evaluate the project and make his comments. Our approach has the following advantages:

Better cooperation with the customer. During a project, the customer becomes part of the deployment team. The closer we work with the customer, the better the final product will be and the better it will meet its needs.

Observations and needs not recorded during the interviews can be incorporated and implemented in the final product.

Once the development phase is complete, the client receives complete documentation and technical manuals of the project. Then there is the training phase where training is done on the new software and any observations and questions are resolved.

Our tools

We use a variety of programming languages, tools, and development environments. Examples include:

C/C++ in a UNIX/ Linux environment using STL, Boost, wxWidgets, and ACE (Adaptive Communication Environment)

.NET Framework (C#, Visual Basic .NET, ASP.NET)



PHP using frameworks (Zend, Symphony) to develop specialized web-based applications

Adobe Flex & Adobe AIR to develop RIA applications (Rich Internet Applications)


The software projects we have developed include specialized applications such as:

  • Applications for electronic automation of organisation/enterprise processes
  • Real Estate Data Management Applications
  • Low-level system-level programming applications for servers that support specialized network communication protocols

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