Offset printing is the most widely used printing method.
Over 40% of all printed products are printed with Offset.
Applications and Products

  • Newspapers. It is probably the most everyday product and known around the world. Every morning millions of newspapers are hung in all the newsstands of the world with thousands of news and information. Thanks to the speed and flexibility of Offset Printing you can enjoy this miracle of information every day.
  • Books are yet another application of Offset printing without which our lives would not be as we know it. Whether it’s scientific writing or “Viper” books are for too many people a source of life. We should thank offset printing for making them so affordable and affordable.
  • Corporate forms (cards, brochures, catalogues, etc.) would not exist without Offset printing. It is possible for each company to have its own forms thanks to Offset printing.
  • Marketing and advertising wouldn’t exist without Offset. The entire advertising industry was supported and developed thanks to Offset. Offset printing is the one that provides us with all the brochures and magazines on which all advertisements and promotions are based.

That’s why Offset printing affects every aspect of our lives socially, economically, educationally, professionally, legally, culturally, etc.

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