AlkodiGroup inscriptions are a vertical production and processing plant,

together with the qualified personnel as well as the modern installation workshop,

creates quality advertising structures for you.

It undertakes to create unique inscriptions of all types, such as:

single- and double-sided lights, carobs, boxed letters,

metal letters, pillars, aluminum, neon, embossed

but also digital as well as special constructions and LED technology fixed or with messages.

With quality assurance and immediate delivery to customers

AlcodiGroup reduces unnecessary costs and at the same time respects the needs of

and your requirements and guarantees you the ideal balance of cost and performance.

Because of all the above,

our company has ensured an extensive and completely satisfied network of customers.

AlcodiGroup thanks you for the preference shown in products

and in our services, for example in inscriptions of all types.

Do not hesitate to contact us,

to recommend the best possible solution for the effective promotion of your business.

Labels of all types

In detail our company designs and manufactures bright inscriptions that have a long life and low maintenance cost, inscriptions with reliefs 3D letters placed on the facades or at the most prominent point of the buildings and marking the business, NEON which highlight the faces of the shops and give a nice and bright result, LEDs that are most often preferred because they are high brightness, pharmacies that play a big role in the appearance and positive impressions caused by the appearance of a pharmacy, petrol stations and are the best advertisement and proof of our experience in the manufacture of signs and roofs of service stations, etalbond for store and building facades, special constructions on inscriptions, pillars that enhance the visibility of shops with limited visibility, outdoor signs – posters, trivision consisting of triangular prisms, interior which decorate beautifully and give other air to the interior of a business.

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