Graphic Services

Graphic Services

“Art is an idea that has found its perfect visual expression. And design is the vehicle through which, this expression became possible. Art is essential, but design is both essential and adjective. Art is a product and design a process. Design is the foundation of all arts.”

Paul Rand, graphic designer


Graphic Design combines elements of visual arts and typography, photographs and graphics, to create a message that convinces and moves, shaping the wider field of visual communication. At the same time, it invents and configures an identity for the source of the message. The integrated Graphic Designer is distinguished for his artistic education, his knowledge of the rules and techniques of visual communication, his high aesthetics and design skills, his deep knowledge of digital media and their applications, his correct judgment and his knowledge about consumer psychology, marketing and advertising.

AlcodiGroup is a complete creative graphic arts workshop.

Our company has been active in the field of graphic arts for over 15 years.

Equipped with modern machines and software, others mainly with excellent staff with imagination, skill and extensive experience in handling technology-related tasks, it manufactures monthly magazines and annuals, as well as the communication material of our customers’ events.
The high technology and excellent expertise of our partners, guarantee the best result and economical solutions for your business, every time you trust us.

Our services include: Corporate ID, Logo, Packaging, Form Design, Shop Menu, Invitations, Facebook Post Design, Web Banner Design etc.

Even if these are your design adjustments, feel free to contact us.

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