Advertising – promotion

AdvertisingPromotion is a process of communicating and influencing the consumer audience for a paid product or service. Advertising may sometimes use emotional characteristics (invoking emotion) that connect the user to the purchase or use of the product and sometimes logical characteristics (invoking logic) such as technical characteristics and advantages of the product over competitive ones.

Advertising belongs to the promotion and communication mix of the Marketing department. In recent years, more and more money has been spent by companies on the advertising of its products. Giant companies can even spend billions of dollars or euros a year.

It is difficult to define what the term Promotions may imply. In fact, it includes all the advertising and communication activities carried out by a company and is part of the overall context of the promotion of the company, but does not fall into any of the other categories. Promotion can therefore be from a person’s public relations to participation in professional exhibitions. These actions are also important when they are carried out properly and very effective. But this cannot be done without the proper planning and premeditation required.

At AlcodiGroup we study each promotion individually and design a detailed implementation plan so that we can achieve the maximum possible results. We measure the effectiveness of these actions and propose measures to improve them.